Thursday, 14th February, 1867

A beautiful day. Went in the garden and had the strawberry square manured by Tom, with hen house manure and ashes mixed. Then had peasticks pulled up in order to have the garden ploughed Saturday. – – Bill started three double ploughs this morning. George and Fannie to one and two mules a piece to the other two. The land is in fine order. Hardie has been repairing some broken chairs today. Makes himself useful in any way, very obliging and obedient. Bill assisted him about the chairs after he got his ploughs well to work. – – I engaged Tom today at (thirty dollars pr. year) $30 pr. year. He cooked breakfast and dinner today, and I cooked supper. – – Hardie’s writing to his sweetheart tonight in the front parlor. I took my seat on the sofa knitting on Mollie’s stocking till eleven o’clk. Came out and wrote in my journal, read the Bible and retired after 12. Left him sitting up writing. Requested him to give my love to her, he affirmed.