Friday, 22nd February, 1867

Quite a pretty day. The ploughs are at work today. Lost 2 days, had Tom in the garden raking ground for onions, planted potato onions and sowed onion seed. – – Bill stripped the old barns out and set two mole traps, soon caught a mole. Missed my two beautiful turkeys this evening. – – Pigeo and little Mollie walked to see Mrs. Lipscomb. – – Sent Tom to the C. H. this evening to mail a letter to Hardie. – – Bill walked to the C. H. this evening. I sent to ask Ju to let me have the tallow he has for sale. He said we could have it, but asked 1 Q. pr. lb. for it, market price $.11-12. Decided against taking it. Sent Tom for light wood and had it cut up fine for kindling. I feel indespairable in my new arrangement of things.1

  1. Could be” indispairable.” Either way, Caroline seems to be coining a new word. I think we can intuit what she means.  (back)