Monday, 25th February, 1867

Arose early this morning and finished a long letter to Zac. Bill took it up when he went to Court. – – Pigeo wrote a P.S. – – Planted white onions today, though it was sprinkling rain. Only ploughed part of the day on acct. of rain. Tom staid his mothers last night and didn’t return till evening. Told him to get forks and fix ashes to drip lye for soap. Commenced about it and that was all. – – Weighed the tallow to ascertain the quantity for candles. Only 18 lbs. Got the sticks out to put on wicks. – – Very unexpectedly, Will returned with Bill from Court to spend the night. Were much gratified to see him. Our conversation soon led to the subject of religion and we became very much interested and was closely occupied reading the Bible, and endeavoring to disabuse the mind of Will of some erroneous views he had commenced to entertain with regard to certain portion of Scripture. When about 8 o’clk. we were intruded upon by Mr. J. B. H. to spend the night. Can’t see how he found the way in his vehicle, for it was as dark as pitch and raining fast. I would greatly have preferred his company some other time.1Mr. J.B.H. has yet to be identified. Suggestions welcome. Caroline does not mention him when he leaves the next day.