Wednesday, 27th February, 1867

Quite a pretty morning. Bill walked with Pigeo to the C. H. Spent the day at Ju’s. By a previous engagement, she expects Lu Lipscomb to be there and return with her home and spend several days. They returned at dark, Bill and herself. Lu met her and informed her at the same time that it would be out of her power to comply on acct. of company. They received letters from Bake and Mr. Goss. I see by Mr. Goss’ letter that Nan has not reached school yet. He will meet her at Cobham on Saturday next, 28th day of Feb. She is now with Mary. Received a note from Liv informing me that Nan had supplied herself with what she wanted in Richmond and was ready for school. I shall not expect a letter from her till she leaves Richmond. Mollie and I have had a lonely day all to ourselves. Went in the front parlor and made an improvement in the room, doubled for dipping candles and did various little things. – – Patsy came to do our washing, and commenced washing for our hired men after finishing mine. Mollie and I made nests in the office as it’s unoccupied at present and the hens are fond of laying in there.