Friday, 1st March, 1867

Winter has gone and spring opens beautifully. Gently raining this morning, but had a lovely afternoon. Had hominy beaten by Tom. Then had the manure taken out of the pigpen by him. – – Bill fixed a gun at the hen house door for the mink after shooting a tremendous owl after dark. He rode to the C. H. after dinner and brought a letter from Nannie to me and one from Eliza Ashley to Pigeo, a catalogue from Sinclair, and “Bill A.?” from Mr. Cooke.1Eliza Ashley and catalog sender “Sinclair” remain unidentified. The Bill on the last letter must refer to Bill Littlepage. But what follows his name looks suspiciously like “Ass,” using the long “s” form written as “f.” Click here to judge for yourself. Remember that Mr. Cooke and the Littlepages are more than close neighbors. John McPhereson Cooke has been courting Pigeo. Also, “ass” meant donkey or jackass in those days, not arse. This reading may account for Caroline putting quotation marks around the addressee.