Monday, 4th March, 1867

Pigeo came down and got in my bed this morning. About 3 o’clk was aroused by the severe thunder and vivid lightning. Little Mollie soon followed her and both got in bed. I arose and had my cup of coffee and went to writing fast in my journal and now I will commence a letter to my little pet Nannie, so far away at school. Debt now some 6 or 8 letters. – – Well, I finished my letters to Nan and enclosed it in an envelope with one from Pigeo, and Bill had it mailed this evening. Returned to supper, brought me an interesting letter from Hardie, who I am pleased to see has established himself permanently in business in Baltimore. Speaks on coming on when the weather fairs and take Pigeo there on a visit. She will be much pleased by the invitation she has received and will avail herself of that opportunity to meet her friends in that place. His letter was very gratifying to me. _?_ _?_ are _?_on Tuesday through mistake, as I failed to write this morning, immaterial though.1The journal has sustained severe water damage on this page. – – I dipped candles this evening. Tom made the preparation. Finished just before dark. Bill rode to the C. H. after fixing my hen house against the minks. Turned all the fowls out of the office and they were pleased to have their habitation secure against their enemies. – – We have had the greatest continuation of wet weather I ever knew. The whole face of the earth is covered over with water, a complete deluge.