Friday, 8th March, 1867

The sun rose beautifully, but in less than ½ an hour was obscured by clouds. We were certainly in anticipation of some good weather. Pigeo employs herself mostly teaching Mollie. She progresses well. I am about a pair of pants and two pair cotton flannel drawers for Bill. Sew a little just when the time offers. Have such a variety of employment that very little of my time is devoted to the needle, comparatively speaking. I believe I allow myself more time for reading now than I ever did before and do it with purity, for I have cheated myself a great deal in this respect, hitherto. Has been a part of my regular work for years. – – I mended the match to a beautiful candlestick today. Hardie and I had tried before but did not succeed, and I could not give it up. They were a pair of sticks I valued most highly. – – Bill went up for the mail this evening. A letter from Liv informed me therein that he thought it improbable that Mary would visit us this spring, gave no particular reason. Spoke of Mr. Cooke’s getting his buggy broke returning from Ayletts, he and Billy Pollard. – – Pigeo retired early tonight. I sewed an hour or two. – – Bill dined at Mrs. McGeorge’s. Went there to meet Camm on business, Mr. Garrett I should have said. – – Tom is dripping some excellent lye for soap. – – Pigeo and I had a chicken and some other little things on the stove in order that Tom might finish scattering the manure in the garden.