Saturday, 9th March, 1867

Found it raining slightly this morning. Our men wish to go to Richmond today on a visit. Bill paid them ½ their wages and gave them leave, all four. He has been going in different directions all day. Procured his boat at last and went up to Walkerton Mill. Carried 8 bushels corn. – – I sowed some seed in the garden today, though there has been a mist of rain all the time. Sowed 4 rows Tom Thumb peas, cabbage seed, kale, radish, &c. My first peas have been up several days. We have all, including Pigeo, been right much troubled in mind too. It seems that there is always something to annoy or perplex us. The state of the Country and other things are sufficient to try men’s souls now. – – Commenced a letter to George and Bake this morning. Pigeo made some ginger cakes this evening.