Tuesday, 12th March, 1867

The rain continues. I think if the weather would clear up I should be entirely restored to health. – – Pigeo finished off the 2nd pair of drawers for Bill. I am still about his pants. – – Bill rode up for the mail this evening, but there is no traveling to Richmond. Consequently, no letters or papers. Mr. Cooke came to let him know something about a vessel at the White House taking in corn. – – Three Yankees with all the appearance of the race, came in the entry and knocked at the door this evening wishing to know if the Man of the house was at home. They went in the kitchen on their return to the vessel and said all they could to John to make him dissatisfied, “cruel witches,” and hardly know him. – – Bill finds anything for Wilkerson and Tom to do, the weather is so bad, I suppose he had plenty of jobbing for Tom when he is not cooking.