Saturday, 16th March, 1867

Found the ground covered in deep snow this morning and snowing fast, and continued through the day to hail, rain and snow. I’ve been sewing on Bill’s pants most of the day. – – Filled a bolster for his room this morning. Altered a new shirt for John. – – Bill rode to the C. H. this evening. Bought me a black calico dress @ $.23 per yard, 11 yds. Brought letters from Nannie and Zac to Pigeo and myself, also one from Eliza Ashly. They were all very interesting. – – Wilkerson and Tom shucked corn. Bill and I sat up quite late after Pigeo and Mollie retired. I found enough to employ me till 12, but got a little sleepy and went down and had some nice strong coffee for Bill and myself so that he might read to me while I worked, ½ past eleven and had finished my piece of work. I read till after 12 and retired. I fell asleep in about two minutes after touching the pillow. When I awoke, got up, made a fire and employed myself writing _?_ _?_ _?_ very busy, work a little before day, generally any time after 10 o’clk. and I awake. I have slept enough, but since winter has gone, I begin to feel the spring fever coming on and find it a hard matter to get out of bed till I see the light of day, so must try and get them all to retire earlier and rise earlier. I will commence this. – – I mean next week, this is Saturday.