Sunday, 24th March, 1867

Just the same sort of weather, drizzling rain all day. I never valued my books so much. I wonder what we would do with ourselves without them. The house is so wet wherever it could spring a leak, and damp everywhere else, that I opened all the doors and hoisted the windows and hung the bird cage out and brushed and dusted everywhere to see if it wouldn’t help it to clear off, but no, it would have its own way. Bill couldn’t stand it any longer. Got on Fannie. Thought he would go as far as Ju’s. On arriving at the swamp was afraid to swim the horse and turned back to the bridge across the Mill Creek and the water had been over that and started it out of its place, he thought. Ju was not at home and little Noah’s weary dove soon returned to the Ark. Could find no rest for the sole of his foot. – – Mr. Cooke arrived just before he returned and sat till bedtime. I took little Mollie and went down and prepared supper. Had some very nice potato pudding, little shapes of pastry, nice loaf bread, biscuits and other things. Set the table in the first room and had a fire in the old stove.