Monday, 25th March, 1867

I do wish I had a new journal. I intend sending to Rich. for one when Bill goes over. Found it thick and misty again this morning. Bill made preparations for Court. – – Pigeo and I sent letters to be mailed to the children. I sent one of six pages to Hardie and a short one to Mary, with a message to Live and one a piece to Bake and George. We received one from Nannie, Liv and Hardie by Friday’s mail, but did not get them till last evening by Bill. Blind John has been watching the window all the morning to see whether it would clear off and spied a little piece of blue sky about 12 o’clk. and he yelled so loud it frightened Pigeo and myself right much. Bill started about that time, met Wilkerson driving the steers to the house without the cart. Left that in the mire where he had been hoping to bring a load of wood. Ju sent Milton down to borrow another peck of flour. Pigeo measured it while I wrote a note to Mag and fixed up the children’s letters to them to read by Milton.1This is Caroline’s only mention of Milton.