Tuesday, 26th March, 1867

I arose quite early this morning. The stars are shining in at the window while I am writing. The sun shone all the evening yesterday. Bill found us sitting in the porch when he came from Court. The whole talk now is confiscation of land and dividing farms with our Colored brethren. Bill thinks this is the last Jury he will have the pleasure to be on composed of White men. Will not that be a fine state of affairs. What comes next? Pigeo got ready after breakfast and accompanied Bill on horseback to Ju’s to spend some time. She has been so much confined at home all this bad weather. She rode George and he Fannie. He returned to supper about twilight. It was nearly ready when he came. The freshet is higher and higher. No crossing at the Piping Tree at all or traveling to Rich. from this region of writing. This has been a lovely day, but the weather is not settled. I spent about an hour in the garden. It was so delightful to be in sunshine. Replanted a few strawberry hills that were missing in the square. The peas are looking beautiful. I then went and cut some four or five heads of cabbage for the cows. We have so many, more than we shall need. I have not been lonesome today, although little Mollie, blind John and myself are the only ones with in a mile of the house. Wilkerson came to eat his dinner and water the stock.