Thursday, 28th March, 1867

A powerful shower of rain this morning about day and afterwards proved to be a right good day. – – The 3rd calf this morning, the two first are very thriving. We allow them all the milk, intending to make veal of them. Made a nice little place of butter this morning, only milk one cow, the same we have milked all the winter. – – Mr. Cooke came this evening to let me know he would start to Balto. in the morning and would take anything I wished to send, either to Hardie or Bake. Bill had gone to the C. H. I am sorry he is disappointed sending corn by this vessel as he expected to do. Was very much surprised when Mr. Cooke said the Capt. had made a load up the river. It makes but little difference, if the article doesn’t take a fall. I never like to put off anything for the last moment. Have experienced so much of the evil of it during the last few years that I think more than ever about it, but do not always profit by it. There are so many difficulties in the way of performing what we wish to do. – – The more I read the Bible, the more I am admonished not to defer making one preparation, which I daily strive to do. The more indifference I see manifested in others the more I feel concerned about it. They are allowing the poor, perishing, passing away things of this earth (though they know that it now lies under the curse of an offended God) to absorb their every moment of time that should be appropriated. The study of his word and a compliance therewith, in order to become the _?_of the beautified earth when the curse is removed and they shall be the inheritors of that which we are now heirs together with Christ. I love to dwell upon these things and must confess that I have _?_ _?_ _?_ time which should have been employed for him hitherto, I am now determined to redeem as much of it as possible and consider that I am doing the world no robbery. I will do the best I can for it, whenever it does not interfere or conflict with more important duties. If I forget the Lord, “let my right hand forget her cunning, if I do not remember this let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I prefer not Jerusalem, above my chief joy.” – – I feel so thankful that I have made up my mind not to be cast down by surrounding circumstances. I cannot help feeling daily that there is greater need now of making different preparation from what we have been doing. “Be ye also ready” seems to be always sounding in my ears, so much that I have been induced to prepare a suit for that solemn occasion in order to alleviate all confusion and trouble at such a time, and it is with pleasure I pull the drawer out and look at the last suit, which will so soon dawn and in exchange (if I am accounted worthy of the resurrection) shall receive a robe of righteousness to endure forever. Someone no doubt in reading this page will say I had the “blues,” nothing of it, I never felt more lightsome. I have fully realized all former anticipations and am satisfied that all is kindly and with the wise men can say that all worth living for is summed up in a few words, “Fear God and keep His Commandments.” The rest remains with him. I will trust him. I do believe his word and with all the capability and power I am possessed of will strictly adhere to that word which he has “Magnified about all His name.”