Thursday, 4th April, 1867

Quite a pretty day, a little windy. We were expecting Mrs. Harrison to spend the day, agreeable to our invitation yesterday, but George from Enfield said she had gone to spend the night at Mrs. Norment’s, consequently didn’t receive our note by him. – – Mag, Stuart and Bettie came about ten to spend a couple of days. Brought the rooster to swap and a jug of vinegar. Sent him a very pretty young one and the vinegar by Bettie, who will come for Stuart tomorrow evening. – – Mrs. Harrison and the children came after dinner. Stuart tried himself to see how bad he could be at supper. Mollie and two of the little girls slept in Pigeo’s room. Mrs. Harrison and Pigeo in one bed in Mary’s room and the other little girl in another one by herself, Mag and Stuart in the back chamber and I in my chamber alone. We all retired after eleven. Had some sweet music. – – Clarissa assisted me about supper while Patsy went to milk. Mr. K. Edwards presented me a fine shad this morning. The first I’ve had. Gave him the privilege of keeping his seine in the yard. – – The horses grazed the clover and wheat pretty well, and the cows got on Larkin’s a short time. – – Patsy ironed before dinner and raked a square for ground peas after dinner.