Thursday, 11th April, 1867

Found a gentle rain falling this morning, but didn’t last long. Mollie and I went down before 5 and gave out breakfast. – – Pigeo has commenced to rise earlier, don’t know how long it will last. Bill found on going out this morning that Wilkerson had left unceremoniously. I really do not know how persons are to make a crop with such uncertainty about labor. It seems that a great many persons busy themselves about our servants and take it upon themselves to come in our field and persuade the servants to leave, and they come and tell us of it. Bill and I have been trying to discover their motive. He thinks he sees through it as regards the Harris.’ Uncle Davy says there are white men engaged in the business also and told Bill himself that we had White as well as Colored enemies around us. I do not see why it is. I am sure he doesn’t interfere with other people’s affairs. Can scarcely attend to his own. – – He drove the oxcart to Acquinton Church again this evening for some implements Mr. Houchings had to fix, but was again disappointed. It seems that everything works against him. Can’t acct. for it. – – I did some darning today. Bettie is sewing on a shirt for Bill. – – Pigeo about her chemise. – – Hope and despair alternately take possession.