Saturday, 13th April, 1867

A delightfully pleasant day. Bill attended the vendue at Canton, returned after we had dined. Melville Walker came to buy our haul seine boat. I sold it to him, I expect for $15, though I do not know what Bill would consider it worth. – – Had 23 shad corned up by Bettie. Gave Uncle Davey a fourth. – – Scaled and made some nice mango pickles after breakfast. Have been writing a long letter to Liv today. Received one from Bake by Bill when he returned. Sowed two rows Extra Early peas and planted coriander seeds. Bill loaned John Littlepage the oxcart to carry his shad home, and he brought the sweet potatoes they had to keep last winter. I don’t suppose we saved more than a third, but they are beautiful potatoes. – – Bill has gone out floating and its now after ten o’clk. and he has not come in.