Tuesday, 16th April, 1867

Found a delightful shower falling this morning. Finished a letter to Liv and wrote one to Nan this morning, enclosing a doz. stamps. The day has been showery and prevented Pigeo’s expected co. from crossing the river. Mrs. Harrison sent over this evening to borrow her jacket pattern. – – Mr. W. D. P. sent for butter, lard and plaster, by James Claiborne.1Likely William D. (Billy) Pollard, who has appeared here before. – – The 1880 US Census for King William shows James Claiborne, a black laborer, heading a family enumerated next to that of Junius Littlepage. James is 34 in 1880, making him around 21 when he picked up these items for W.D.P. – – Pigeo’s ruffling a band. Bettie hemmed a skirt and sewed up another. I am doing sundry things. – – Had some corn shelled today for mill.