Sunday, 21st April, 1867

A very lovely day. All except Bill attended Church. He remained from indisposition. Pigeo received a note from Mr. Cooke desiring her to accompany him to Church, and at the same time with a request from Miss _ to attend Jerusalem.1Caroline doers not write the name of the young lady who invited Pigeo to attend Jerusalem Church. She just leaves a space. They did so and came by Oak Dale to dine and returned to supper. Mr. Cooke left before ten. – – I called by to see Mrs. George this morning, who is a great sufferer. Carried her a loaf of bread. Also carried a loaf to Mrs. Tebbs and sent by George from Church. – – Two couples were married by Dr. Edwards today (Colored).2These were Michael Frazer, 22, to Ada Moore, 23, and Anderson Banks, 25, to Susan Stewart, 20. Both couples were residents of King William County. Pigeo thinks she had a chill this evening. I was under the impression she had a slight one yesterday.