Monday, 22nd April, 1867

Another lovely morning. It seems to me that the cornfield should be having a tinge of green, but we have not planted the first grain of corn in it yet. My corn in the garden is large enough to weed almost. – – Bill went to court about ten. It’s now ten at night and he has not returned. I fixed up a box to send to Nan tomorrow if he goes to Richmond, contents biscuits, jumbles, sweet potatoes, ground peas, pickle sausage, &c &c and a bonnet. Commenced fixing the circle today, but it was so windy affected but little. Pigeo sowed for trellis and cross. – – Packed up 9 doz. eggs for market. – – Tied up some nice asparagus and will put up some fresh butter also, 16 pounds and four bunches asparagus. Bill returned between eleven and twelve.