Tuesday, 23rd April, 1867

A lovely day. Bill rode Fannie to Court, returned and went to Mr. Garrett’s for seed corn and back to supper. – – Collected $135 from Will Turner yesterday on salt bill. – – Had my strawberry square and corn, peas, snaps &c worked over by Bettie. I’ve spent the day mostly writing letters for Bill to have mailed in Rich. to the children, including Emily, one to Liv, to Mary, Bake and Nan. – – As Bill wishes to start to Rich. about 10 o’clk., I am sitting up to wake him at that time. Suddie Littlepage came about ½ past ten to go over with him.1 I was sitting alone in my chamber when he came and went out and kept the dogs away. After sitting about an hour, he retired and I finished writing in my journal and read. While waiting for the time to wake them up, had a cup of strong coffee to keep my eyes open.

  1. Probably Sutherland Gregory Littlepage, 21, who we have met.  (back)