Sunday, 26th May, 1867

An inclement day. Sent strawberries and peas by John Owen on George to Zion for Cousin Lem. We all remained at home till evening. Bill rode out and returned at dark. Mr. Cooke brought Mrs. Harrison and children over to spend the evening. Had a considerable cloud about that time and a great deal of rain. We all sat and sang around the little table till the cloud subsided. Eddie Harrison remained with the children. I was sorry Mrs. Harrison came too late to have strawberries gathered for milk, but all hands went in the square and gathered for themselves. Pigeo and Mr. Cooke took a buggy ride together before they started home. Stuart has been suffering very much all day with crick in his neck. Mary and I were employed all day nearly trying every way to pacify him. Sent a message to his Pa, but he didn’t come.