Saturday, 8th June, 1867

Quite an inclement day. Nevertheless, Mary, with the children and Pigeo to accompany them, took the wagon to the White for the Cars to Richmond.1“White” in this case probably mean the White House in New Kent just across the river from Pamunkey Island as “cars” certainly refers to rail cars of the recently rebuilt Richmond & York River Railroad. Started about ½ past 1 o’clk., with Bill to drive George and Phil. – – Gave Pigeo $21 to lay out for herself and Mary $5 to purchase some domestics, i.e. $.20 per yard. Gave Bill $1. – – The house is so still now I expect the mice will have a jubilee. – – Mr. Cooke came about 12 and gave me two papers and a letter from Zac, a semi-annual report, and a paper for Bill from Zac. The rain has increased from the time they all left and about 6 o’clk. all hands, baby and all, came walking down the road. The Cars disappointed them, and the horses refused to pull at the sandy hill, and in a few minutes after they came, Mr. Hanes came with a conveyance to take them home. I soon had supper and all retired early.