Sunday, 16th June, 1867

Excessively warm, but pleasant breeze. Bill started early to Church (West Point).1Certainly St. John’s Church at the lower end of the county. Dined at Mrs. Robinson’s, supped at the tavern and home at ten o’clk. Little Shakespeare has fasted all day. I never spent a more lonely day. Bettie and John spent the day at Enfield. Came back time enough to milk. Lucy has milked last week or ten days. – – Capt. Tolly and another gentleman came this evening to let me know he had brought Hardie’s trunk from Baltimore _?_ is the White Oak and wishes me to send for. He will be home in ten days. He is on a visit in Gloucester. He also brought the empty bags _?_ _?_ Bramble.2These may be the bags referred to on 15 May. – – Had a nice shower today. Our crop begins to improve. Bill’s not quite so despairing today. – – Owens took out a suit of clothes this morning.