Wednesday, 19th June, 1867

Quite a pretty day after the morning. Dandridge and Martha came before breakfast, the latter brought my ball of cotton twisted. Frederick came soon after. Uncle David is cutting today I believe also. – – Bettie scoured and cleaned Pigeo’s room today. I am about to write an answer to a letter John Owen’s received from his sister in Rich. – – I must not omit to record that one of my dear little canaries (little Hal), my attention was to the cage by the unusual notes of wailing and lamenting by Hardie, mourning the sad fate of his beloved consort, he had his head off under his roost. – – Bill was of the opinion Frederick ought to be immediately arrested and brought to justice as suspicions were strongly in favor of her being the perpetrator of the horrid deed, but I thought it would be _?_ off my_?_ to spite my face.1The text here is in very bad condition. It is likely Caroline wrote here “…it would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.” Also, the name of the accused is suspect. Frederick is generally not a feminine name. I valued her and family so much. – – I gave in charge to Ellen. Buried her under an evergreen in the circle and had two white rocks in front of her grave and put fresh flowers on it.