Thursday, 20th June, 1867

Quite a good day for harvesting, 14 hands besides our own _?_ today, Herman Hill, Joe Hill, Jim Hillyard, Fred, Jack White, Dandridge Claiborne, Humphrey, Moses Hill, besides Uncle David Nelson, each with his bander @ $2 pr. day or a bushel of wheat. – – Bill settled with Dandridge before leaving in full for Addison and Martha also. – – The rest went on to the C. H. to meet them there on Fannie. The balance of the wheat will not be ripe enough before Wednesday, Bill says. – – Repaired my sheepskin gloves, wound the cotton Martha twisted and made an apron for myself today. – – Bettie washed out a couple pair sheets right badly mildewed. – – Ellen put fresh flowers on Hallie’s grave two or three times a day. – – Hardie begins to be reconciled and sings more than he did when he had his mate. – – I am so lonely.