Ethel Littlepage Jackson was born 3 November, 1909 at Burns Quarter near Lester Manor in King William County, daughter of Thomas Pugh Jackson and Lucie Ammon Littlepage. Her father worked for the Southern Railway, which owned the former Richmond and York River Railroad; her mother ran the farm. An only child, she was, by her own account, “born grown up.” While she attended elementary school in Lanesville just up the road, she boarded in West Point to attend high school there. She played on the Girls Basketball team and was often mentioned in social sections of West Point’s The Weekly News, the predecessor to today’s Tidewater Review. After moving to Chesterfield County she married John Thompson Ahern on 4 April, 1928. They had one daughter, Amonette. Later she became a business woman in Richmond. She was a member of Hanover Avenue Christian Church, also Colonial Dames XVII Century, Bermuda Hundred Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, and Lee Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. Over the years she kept in touch with her friends and family in King William and never tired of recounting her childhood at Lester Manor. She died 20 June, 2011 at the Hermitage in Richmond.

Ethel, who my grandmother taught at Lanesville school, cheerfully endured hours of my questions about life in King William County almost a century ago. Always gracious, her mind was clear, her memory sharp. This website is dedicated to her.