The Fine Print

Inside & Page 1Because of the fragile condition of Caroline’s journal I have been reluctant to open it. But on occasion I have. When my observations satisfied me, I have ventured changes in the transcription and have so footnoted. I have retained Caroline’s period spellings as long as their meaning is clear. But a few spellings, usually proper nouns, capitalizations, and punctuations found in the transcription have been adjusted and made consistent for the ease of the reader. Caroline used a dash or two at the ends of some of her sentences, I believe indicating a substitute for paragraphs. As she did not use real paragraphs, I have not added them. For words that are illegible in the text I use a standard _?_. I have also noted the year of each entry, something unnecessary for Caroline.

If you would like specific citations for any footnotes, or would like to offer suggestions or corrections to the text please contact me. General comments are welcome as well.

During the process of bringing the journal to this website there have been many opportunities for inaccuracies to creep in. While I have done my best to render Caroline’s words and intent faithfully, errors may appear. They are my responsibility.

My thanks to the staff of the Virginia Historical Society for their continued friendly and valuable assistance.

Bibb C. Edwards