Albert only appears in Caroline’s Journal six times. The first of November,1864 Caroline writes that she sent a jug of molasses to Albert, Tom, and Leah in care of her daughter, Mary Hanes. The Hanes’ lived in Henrico County at “Oakland,” just north of Richmond.

At the beginning of the new year Caroline exchanges three letters with Mary about Albert. Mary had hired out Albert for $450. Caroline comments,

He would have hired for $1100 or 1200 here I think..

This suggests Albert was actually a Woodbury slave on loan to Mary, and that Caroline might not be all that thrilled with the terms of the contract. Of course, those terms became moot a few month later with the end of the war.

On 15 April, just four days after the surrender of Lee’s Army at Appomattox, Tom arrives unexpectedly at Woodbury. Caroline writes that he left Oakland without Mary’s knowledge. She further remarks,

He informed me that Leah had left Mary also.

No mention is made of Albert.

Nonetheless, for biographical purposes it may prove useful to assume Albert, Tom, and Leah shared some sort of family relationship with each other, and with others at Woodbury.