Saturday, 12 November, 1864

Quite a changeable and blustering day. Bill arrived about nine o’clk., not having sold anything except the butter, which he got $10 pr. lb for. The soap he carried to Mary’s, the oats and bacon he left with Turner and Moore. – – Settled with them up to this time. Loaned Bartlett $200 to buy a pair of boots and Washing – $30.1 – – The storm this evening prevented my sending for Bake. Poor little Nan is suffering so intensely with toothache. I’ve tried everything I could think of for it and had at last resorted to laudanum and brandy. That has relieved her more than anything else she has tried. – – Sent Washington yesterday evening to see Mr. Smith about the chimney. He has promised again to come on Tuesday. I do hope he will. We are so much in want of those fireplaces.2 – – Beamed a piece of coarse cloth today, 42 yds. for Dellah to weave. Bettie helping about the corn again today. Frank also. Martha was with them yesterday. – – Bill could only get 2 bags of salt, instead of 5. There was a short.

  1. While Caroline only wrote “Washing” here, she wrote over the lowercase w with an uppercase W. This suggests Caroline loaned Washington $30.  (back)
  2. There were several male Smiths in the vicinity, mostly farmers. This may have been William Smith, about 38, listed in the 1860 & 1870 Censuses as a carpenter.  (back)

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  1. Ron Parker says:

    Bibb, a slight typo on today’s post date: advanced forward a hundred years. A great job and most interesting read. Thanks.

    • Bibb says:

      Thanks! Scary to think I can make a slight 100 year error. You should see what I can do with decimal points! And I am glad you are enjoying Caroline.

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