I have attempted to use primary sources as much as possible, questioning secondary sources as time, energy, and resources have permitted. Instead of providing detailed citations for each footnote, these are the main sources I have used:

Primary: King William Tax Books, 1782-1925 from microfilm at the Library of Virginia provides most of the information about land ownership. It should be noted that, by order of the Virginia General Assembly, no county taxes were collected in 1864; thus there is no KW Tax Book for the first year of the journal. For a number subsequent years many entries are difficult to read. I have also extensively used U.S. Census Records, transcripts of the older diaries of Junius Littlepage (1848), Caroline (1849) and Rose Littlepage (1853) at the VHS, an 1864 KW County ledger at the King William Historical Museum, and the 1865 Civil War Gilmer Map.

Secondary: Clarke’s Old King William Homes and Families.. (1897), Harris’ Old New Kent County.., Volume II (1977), Cox & Weathers’ Old Houses of King & Queen County, Virginia (1973), Atkinson’s King William County in the Civil War (1990), Ryland’s Abstracts of King William Record Books, Vols 1-5 (194?), supplemented by Sparacio (1996) and Conolly (2006).

Online:,,,, and miscellaneous primary and secondary sources found searching the internet.

The Edwards family database kept by my sister Sue Terminella has proven indispensable in determining family relationships. Without the genealogy software Reunion I would have never known Caroline is my first cousin five times removed, and husband Lewis Littlepage a second cousin removed but four times. Small world.