Sunday, 18 September, 1864

Quite a pretty day. Had to remain home on account of the sick ones, Nan and Rose. Sent the basket with contents to Church by Martha. She returned to dinner, brought me a recipe for making cheese sent by Annie Edwards, and as soon as I can have a calf killed to procure the rennet, I want to make some.1 – – The children are both quite sick nearly all day, and little Stuart is all the company I have. I am expecting Bill all day, but he doesn’t come. Gave them both quinine, but Rose had a chill and Nan a high fever. – – Had some delightful apple dumplings for dinner and no one but Stuart and I to sit at table.

  1. We have several possible Annies. The first would be Anna Dunbar Edwards, 1802-1865, daughter of James Edwards and Mary Dunbar Dickey, probably at this point the widow of Smith Puryear. The other would be the widow of George Terry, the former Anna Edwards, the daughter of Ambrose Edwards (Jr.) and Jeanette Dickey Edwards. Either Annie could have been living nearby in 1864. But would Caroline have referred to either by their maiden names? Next we have Miss Ann Maria Edwards, daughter of William Austin Edwards, who we met 1 July. However she was about 19, unmarried without a household of her own. She would be an unlikely candidate for sharing cheese recipes. Finally we have Mrs. Ann [Corr] Edwards, wife of Dr. Ju’s next-door neighbor Kleber Edwards. We met her 29 August. Here we have our most likely Annie.  (back)

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  1. Malindi says:

    I feel for Caroline here. She’s expressing such loneliness. So many children to miss at once!

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