Sunday, 25 December, 1864

A pretty day, but not much like Xmas. We all attended Church and returned to dinner. Patsy had an old fashioned potpie for dinner today. All enjoyed it very much. Bill and Hardie went in the buggy and drove Duroc. We made it late getting to Church today.

3 comments on “Sunday, 25 December, 1864

  1. wortley white says:

    I am enjoying Caroline’s journal. so many familiar names.
    I wish we could return to celebrating Christmas with a church service, a good dinner with family and visits to friends, instead of all the commercial stuff.
    A simple Merry Christmas and a most Happy and Healthy New Year to you.
    Wortley White

    • Bonnie says:

      This journal is such a treasure-a true Christmas gift to all of us! Thank you,Bibb. I think we all share Wortley’s sentiments of a more worthy way to celebrate our Savior’s birth. Merry Christmas to all the journal readers.

  2. Margaret Overton says:

    Amen. Jelly and Poundcake–yep, we still have those. It’s just not Christmas without them, either.

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