Sunday, 27 November, 1864

Quite an inclement day, rained a little when we started to Church. Bill walked out somewhere till we returned to dinner. Bake remained at Ju’s when we all came by to see how the little baby comes on.1 He grows and fattens very much. – – Cousin Lem was very interesting today. His subject was “Baptism,” one of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. His 3rd discourse, I believe, on the Keys of the Kingdom next Sunday. His subject will be a “Holy Life.”

  1. It was easy to miss, but Ju and Mag had a son born 28 August, 1864. Unfortunately the KW Register of Births and Deaths for 1863 through 1869 either were not kept, or have been lost. Unless Caroline mentions the child again we may never learn his name or fate. He does not appear in the 1870 Census.  (back)

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