Thursday 10 November, 1864

I arose early this morning and had Bill wakened to have oats fanned for Richmond. Sent him 20 bags, measured up 40 bushels. Sent 42 lb. soap, 69 lbs. bacon and 8 lbs. butter. – – Sent Mary 3 chub caught by Zac last Monday. – – Pigeo sent a shuck hat to Mollie, Bake and Rose a letter. It was raining when he started, but soon cleared up and was a beautiful day. – – Warmed over a kettle of molasses. – – Received a notice of Mrs. Croxton’s funeral, sermon to take place tomorrow, she died yesterday.1 – – Bake altered a red and black muslin of Pigeo’s for her. – – I walked to the barn just before dark and saw what corn servants had to shuck.

  1. Sophie Chapman Croxton was the wife of James Croxton, (1783-1837) owner of Broadneck. The 1860 US Census suggests she was born in 1800.  (back)

3 comments on “Thursday 10 November, 1864

  1. Sue Terminella says:

    My records state that James and Sophia Croxton adopted a daughter, Margaret Winslow Chapman Croxton, who was born in 1802. Are you sure 1800 is the correct year that Sophia, her adoptive mother, was born?

  2. Bibb says:

    The US Census does indeed show her age in 1860 as 60. While this would not be the first time census records understated a woman’s age, the entry itself is a bit odd. Living with “Sophy” are Susan Faulkner, 45, and John Littlepage, 25. No occupation is listed for any of the residents. Who are they and why are they living with her? Also missing from the census is the value of the real and personal estate. Broadneck contained 712 acres. Twenty years prior in the 1840 census Sophia is shown as owning 36 slaves. Yet the 1860 slave schedule shows her owning none. Broadneck is certainly being farmed by slaves, but whose? Finally, the 1863 KW tax rolls show Sophia (M?) Croxton as responsible for the taxes on Broadneck. She is missing entirely in 1865 as Broadneck’s 712 acres now belong to R. A. Hillyard. It is recorded in the tax listing that Sophia left the land to him in her will. Why? So we have a few additional question about Sophie beside her DOB. Your turn.

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