Thursday, 25 August, 1864

Pigeo has been quite sick all day. I made a mistake, it was today Mrs. Lipscomb was here.1 – – Cut out a linen Garibaldi for Nan and one underskirt for Pigeo, beautiful blue cotton. Dellah put a band on Pigeo’s chemise. First sweet potatoes today. Had letter mailed this morning to Bake and Liv. I went to the barn and had oats cut and feeding done. Went in the middle part of the corn house and nailed a piece across the window.

  1. This is the first clear evidence that Caroline sometimes back-dated entries.  (back)

2 comments on “Thursday, 25 August, 1864

  1. What is a Garibaldi?

  2. Bibb says:

    Nancy, Go back to 5 August by clicking on that date above in the Archive calendar. Then look at footnote # 2. By clicking on the links you can see what Caroline is working on.

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