Thursday, 7 July, 1864

Very warm today. A pleasant shower this evening. Bill rode Duroc to the C.H. this morning and returned after we had finished dinner. – – Started to Richmond this evening with a small load, consisting of butter, corn, &c, &c, 15 bushels corn and about 120 lbs. fresh butter, in five jars, one four-gallon, one three-gallon and three two-gallon – Ten bags in all. Gave Bill my coupons to collect and a list of the Registered Bonds, also a R.R. check for $39. Requested him to collect the money for corn shipped there in the spring and convert it into 6 percent bonds. – – Bartlett started with the Tumbrel about 6 o’clk. – – I sent Aunt Becky to Ju’s this morning to stay until I see fit to take her away.1 He is willing to pay liberal taxes. Zac started to Essex this morning.2 – – Returned sometime in the night and turned his horse in the oatfield, he did not come in at all. Sent Mary’s cloth 9 ½  f and 15 ½ coarse and 2RK collars for herself and Mrs. Wigins.3

  1. I have recently added a photo of Dr. Junius Littlepage on his bio page.  (back)
  2. Zac is headed to Essex County, Virginia, on the other side of King & Queen, probably to Tappahannock. But yesterday Caroline wrote he was going to Millers, on the road about half way to Tappahannock. ?  (back)
  3. I have been unable to identify Mrs. Wigins. No Wigins, or Wiggins for that matter, appears in the usual sources. Perhaps she is living with a local family. Suggestions? And I assume if the 15 ½ is coarse the “f” of  “9 ½ f” means fine. No idea about “RK” collars.  (back)

3 comments on “Thursday, 7 July, 1864

  1. Joanne Yeck says:

    Many thanks for adding the photo of Dr. Ju.

  2. Sue Terminella says:

    Would “Miller’s” be Miller’s Tavern’?

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