Tuesday, 16 August, 1864

The weather is more pleasant since the rain. Bill went up for the mail. Returned after we had dined. Brought me a letter from my dear prisoner Child. I am so delighted to see that he is well and is still at Point Lookout. – – Wrote to Bake and Mary, sent Liv’s letter to them to read and requested Mary to get Mr. Hanes to send Liv 25 pounds good tobacco. – – Bill received orders tonight, 12 o’clk, to take prisoners to Richmond tomorrow. Tac has been getting ready all day to go to Camp tomorrow. Went up to the C.H. this evening. – – Sent Lilia’s letter to Bake, she received by mail today.1 Bill will take them all down in the morning.

  1. I have not been able to identify a Lilia. But if Caroline wrote a Lilie it is likely Mag’s sister; Lilie visited and corresponded often in Rose Littlepage’s diary a decade earlier.  (back)

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