Wednesday, 1 February, 1865

Quite a pretty day. I’ve been engaged till dinner entering a piece of coarse cloth for Dellah to weave. She commenced on it this evening. Bill and Bake proposed to ride on horseback to the Grove. Started after school was out, to return tomorrow morning. – – Sent Mr. Houchings acct. by Bill to be receipted and the amount due $640. Also sent $200 for taxes again, to the _?_.1Current thinking is Caroline is abbreviating “Deputy Sheriff” as she nears the edge of the page. County sheriffs collected taxes in this days. What do you think? Click here. Bake wrote to Zac and carried the letter to send by Logan if he is not gone. I commenced one also, but will have to wait for another opportunity. Commenced one to Hardie also. – – A soldier came to get lodgings, but it was not suitable and he left. I had good reasons for not doing so.

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