Friday, 3 June, 1864

Found it raining when we awoke this morning. Started Dellah directly after breakfast to transplanting potatoes. Put out upwards of 1,000 plants, then went about planting beans. No ploughing going on, as much as it’s wanting. – – Zac came about 1. Was about to start away on Duroc, received orders to take up deserters.1 – – Two Yankee deserters came to where he was, just before he left. He brought them to the house and I gave them something to eat and he took them to his camping. I took a walk with Bill up to the Turn about ten, and very soon after we returned, he was taken with a chill. I sent Tom for the Dr. immediately.2 Received a note by Tom saying he was too unwell to walk down, that being the only way he could come. – – Bill was no better after dinner. I sent Frank again for him. Received another note, he is still too unwell to come, will be down to breakfast in the morning if he is well enough. Yankee marauders are playing destruction in every direction, leaving families starving and carrying off all the servants.3

  1. Duroc was the name of one of the Littlepage horses. He may have been a descendent of Duroc, a famous Virginia racehorse. The term today is more commonly associated with a breed of domestic pig.  (back)
  2. The Dr. here refers to her son, Dr. Ju.  (back)
  3. The Littlepages, as did probably all slaveholders in Virginia, preferred to refer to their slaves as servants. They also preferred to believe the Yankees “carried off” their slaves rather than the slaves saw opportunities for freedom, and took them.  (back)