Monday, 20 June, 1864

The troops are marching to the W. H., being met on their way by some of the troops and wagons of provisions for the army, plaguing wild work as they go, burning and destroying everything. Lucy from Ju’s went off with them today and they have damaged Jim greatly.1 – – Parky washed today and Dellah cooked dinner. – – Bill with the hands, cart and drivers took care of some corn tonight, five loads. We send Washington to the C.H. every day to hear what’s going on. Bill came in at 12 to tell me the Yankees had all left, but would be up early in the morning.

  1. Lucy was evidently a “servant” of Dr. Ju. Lem is likely Dr. Lemuel Edwards, later often referred to as “Cousin Lem,“ of Lanesville. Union troops would likely pass near or through Lanesville on their way to cross the Pamunkey River to White House in New Kent County.  (back)