Monday, 27 June, 1864

Quite a pleasant morning to be so dry, it is distressingly so. Uncle Bartlett carried 15 bushels corn to Mill this morning.1 Gave Bill quinine and stopped his chills. – – Zac rode Duroc to try and get a saddle. He has instead returned with a second-hand one _?_ at $150. – – I cut out and made Stuart a calico dress today.2 Had a delightful rain this afternoon, with some thunder and lightning. How thankful I feel for it, for surely we needed it more, for to look at the crops around, the prospect presented starvation for another year. – – Bake has woven a little on Mary’s cloth today. The Yankees put a stop to it for a long time and I feared it would be lost to her, but I hope now we may have an opportunity of finishing it and that she may be able to yet.

  1. The use of “Uncle” to occasionally describe Bartlett suggests he is well into adulthood. That term, along with “Aunt,” are usually considered “familiar” terms, indicating a long term relationship. It is possible there are two Bartletts, and the Uncle is used to identify the elder one.  (back)
  2. Yes, small boys wore dresses in those days. Being first dressed in breeches, breeching, was a rite of passage for a young boy.  (back)