Sunday, 11 September, 1864

A beautiful morning. Gave Zac tartar emetic this morning, was in hopes he would be well enough to go to church and take quinine there and stop his chills, and though I waited quite late, he was not well enough to go. Left him quinine to take, and Nan, who was indisposed from toothache, remained with him. But he had his chill, gave him Calomel and Jalap tonight. – – Pigeo, Rose and I attended Zion, carried Stuart and Dellah to mind him. He behaved beautifully. We came by Ju’s and took dinner, wanted Mag to see the child. Ju had gone to Hill’s to see Mary, who is sick. Fine rain this evening. – – We were invited to Larkin’s to dinner with several other families. Cousin Lem’s among the rest. Bill went to Colosse and dined at Mr. Lewis.1Colosse Baptist Church, former known as Lower College Baptist, is on the main road south of the Courthouse.