Monday, 24 October, 1864

Another pretty day. The children went to school today for the first time for ten or twelve days. Camm has been quite sick. – – Sent Martha and Buck to Hill’s for the gallon of brandy Rose said I could get, but she did not get it. Sent me a pair of ducks. I sent her some apple pie and a piece of roast shoat. – – Bill returned from court about dark. Says he bought me a nice reel from old Mr. Cosgrow for $25.1I have not been unable to identify old Mr. Cosgrow. While Cosgrow was written in the transcription, after looking at the journal I am not confident of anything past the “C.” – – Gave a list of male servants between the ages of 18 & 50.2The impressment of slaves to serve quasi-military roles in the defense of Richmond is beginning to effect Woodbury. – – He promised Mr. Hillyard to lend him my mills to have one made by for grinding his sugar cane. – – I arose quite early this morning and pleated Nan’s linsy dress and commenced putting on the binding for her to wear to school, with a Garibaldi body. I lengthened her scarlet muslin today. – – Dellah stitched up a pair of pants for Zac. – – Martha dug potatoes this evening. Let Bettie and Parky cut down and pick up corn for the oats to be put in when we have finished sowing wheat.