Sunday, 6 November, 1864

Another pretty day. Bill remained at home. The rest of us attended Zion, Zac on horseback. I went to Elsing Green from Church with Stanley.1Certainly J. Stanley Neale who spent the night at Woodbury on 25 June. Elsing Green was the home of the Gregorys. Until her death four years earlier, the mistress of Elsing Green was Maria G. [Ellett] Gregory, Caroline‚Äôs aunt. We came by Ju’s and returned home to dinner. The children walked after dinner and I dozed a while after reading. – – Brought a stone jar for butter for Mrs. Edwards, she brought up to Church.2As we will see tomorrow, this jar was brought by my Great-Great Grandmother, the wife of Dr. Lemuel Edwards. – – And a bucket of flour Rose returned.