Friday, 25 November, 1864

A lovely day, though quite cold. Bake went aloft this morning and Martha and herself brought down some of the things we had secured against the Yankees. O, the troublesome “Invaders.” Martha washed over my Chamber floor this morning. Nan and Rose went to school yesterday and today, the only days this week, on account of the weather. Camm broke up this evening and they brought their books home. – – Alice Hill and Fendall Gregory rode down on horseback to spend the day. Remained all night.1Lawyer Fendall Gregory was the son of Dr. Fendell Gregory of Piping Tree, Caroline’s first cousin, once removed. Alice [Turner] Hill was the widow of Dr. Owen Baylor Hill of Richmond and the older sister of Logan Turner. She and Fendell will marry in a little over a year. Two Government wagons came for the corn. Bill had gone ducking. Had the horn blown for him, but he did not come, so I requested Cousin Fendall to attend to the delivery of it for me. He very readily offered his services, so I left Alice and went to the barn to have the measure gotten out and sent for him as soon as they were ready to receive it. About that time, Bill made his appearance. Bake came down after some time. Delivered ten barrels and one basket to Mr. Green, a foraging agent for Kirland’s Brigade near Drury’s Bluff.2Kirkland’s Brigade of North Carolinians was by this time led by General William McRae. What was later described as the Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade, which had fought and suffered extensively by the fall of 1864, would be involved in the defense of Petersburg until April. I think we will have very nearly the same quantity more to deliver, as nearly as I can guess. We have gathered about one-half. – – Mr. Green took dinner after giving a receipt and starting the wagons off. He is a N. Carolinian from near Raleigh. – – Fendall and Alice enjoy my grape wine very much and praise it a good deal. Sat up quite late tonight, most of the time in my Chamber. – – Bake had a beautiful “kaleidoscope.” They had never seen one before. Were much pleased with it. – – Patsy still complaining. Dellah cooked dinner and supper. – – Nan brought the mail, two papers and two letter from Zac, one to Bake and the other to Pigeo. He is very well and at the same place from which he wrote last. Came near Stony Creek, Dinwiddle County, Va.3Stony Creek south of Petersburg runs southeast into the Nottoway River. It’s thought they will be disbanded this winter and sent home to recruit. – – Bake, Alice and Fendall took a long walk this evening. I was having some ginger cakes baked in a reflector, gave them some hot ones when they started.