Saturday, 3 December, 1864

Had breakfast as early as possible and went out about the lard and sausage, &c. Bill had all the hogs cut out before breakfast, i.e. before he ate his breakfast. Bake would insist on being in the kitchen with me. Dellah officiated about the loaf lard and Patsy attended to the tying it up. After she had finished cutting it up, prepared and seasoned the sausage. Borrowed the mill from Rose. After Bill finished about the hogs, he joined Hardie and Garland partridge hunting. They were not very successful though. Garland brought his father’s pointer down with him. – – Stanley Neale came about the time they returned and staid all night. Bake gave us some excellent music tonight. – – Frederick came to the door about 9 o’clk. and said the barn door was wide open. Hardie and Mr. Hanes started out with their gun and a candle to see what was to pass, but could make no discovery. The door had been unbolted from the inside for some purpose, no doubt. – – Frank broke my lightbread stand tonight, stumbled over Mary. Bill left to meet his Guard below the C.H. before supper.