Tuesday, 6 December, 1864

A most charming day. The birds are singing like the spring of the year. Bill and Hardie walked to the C.H. for the mail. The latter will go on to his Uncle Harden’s to spend a night with him. Bill is extremely busy. Has to report to camp Lee on Thursday, and there is some probability of his going to the front, but I do sincerely hope not. I shall miss him so much at home. He returned to dinner. Tried to have some shoats gotten up this evening. They have become quite wild. – – Had souse fixed up this evening. Bake and Nan assisted me in cutting it up for mounds, made two very nice ones. – – Dellah starched and ironed some things for Bill to go to Richmond tomorrow evening. Poor fellow, I am so sorry. We received several letters from Zac recently. Bake has written to him. I want to send him $50 or $100 by the first safe opportunity.