Friday, 9 December, 1864

Fine weather for killing hogs. Finished about eleven, six for myself and four the servants. I attended to the operation in the kitchen while Bake had the carpet, curtains, &c fixed in the house, curtains and carpets in host’s parlors and chambers. – – Sent Bartlett ½ past three o’clk. for Pigeo and the girls. They arrived ½ past seven, Miss Lewis, Miss Winston and Pigeo. Was disappointed in Miss Annie not coming. She will come with Mrs. Lewis and the Dr. tomorrow. – – Patsy got dinner today and attended to the servants’ lard this evening. – – The girls all slept in Mary’s room together, and I slept alone. Hardie has slept on the lounge in my chamber ever since he came home. – – Commenced snowing this evening, and continued some time, then turned to rain and hail. – – Hardie rode up for the mail. Bake received a letter from Mary on the subject of Hardie’s presents. – – Had the hogs laid in the store room till Monday.