Friday, 31 March, 1865

Found it raining again this morning. Bill rode to Mrs. McGeorge’s to get her boy to hang our seine. He came over soon after he returned and hung the seine before dinner. – – Sent Washington to Harden’s with a letter to Zac for Kit to carry tomorrow when he returns to his company. – – Susan is with her mother, who is ill, and sent me word by Martha yesterday that Kit would carry a letter.1We met Robert Christopher (Kit) Hill in a footnote 16 July last. But this is the first time Caroline mentions him by name. He is the husband of Cornelia Todd [Littlepage] Hill of Aspen Grove, and a member of King William’s Company H, Ninth Virginia Cavalry. His war record is unusual. He enlisted in September, 1862 and served unremarkably, as best we can tell from the surviving paperwork, until August 1864. He then disappears from Confederate records. AWOL. He quickly reappears in Federal records as a deserter. After taking an oath of allegiance to the United States in Washington, he is transferred to Philadelphia. Six months later Caroline records him back home and heading back to his company. He will be captured in four days, on 3 April, 1865, maybe still carrying Caroline’s letter to Zac. He was paroled in Richmond on the 20th. Perhaps his descendants can fill us in on the backstory. The “Kit” Hills will inherit Aspen Grove and live there the remainder of their lives. – – Bill went out and caught a nice parcel of shad this evening with the new seine. The wind rose and he did not go out as he intended. – – Bartlett arrived from Richmond, 1 o’clk., with two bags salt @ $.80 per pound, a coffee pot $30, and tin cups. Mary sent me some tomato plants, but he left them on the way.